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Machining and Grinding Coolants in Milwaukee, WI

Certain mechanical and industrial processes can generate tremendous amounts of heat from friction or the use of torches and similar tools. Excessive temperature levels can pose a potential for damage to the equipment, but that’s not all. That very same piece of machinery may be working at less than optimum levels from the heat, negatively impacting performance and output. In some cases, even the material being worked on can be damaged from the high temperatures. When looking for machining and grinding coolants in Milwaukee, WI, we have what you need at Syntec Systems Corp.

Our machining and grinding coolants are an excellent choice for all manners of manufacturing processes. They are specifically formulated to meet industry needs by transferring the excess heat from the point of origin through temperature exchangers and radiators. Purchasing our coolants is a much more cost-effective solution than having to replace or repair pieces of equipment that have been damaged through long-term exposure to heat. We are proud of the fact that our coolants are made to industry standards with the highest heat transfer capabilities.

At Syntec Systems Corp., we have all the finishing equipment and systems your company needs to create outstanding products, and we’re happy to work with you.