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Powder Coating & Metal Finishing Systems

Syntec Systems is a leading supplier of manufacturing powder coating equipment and metal finishing systems. Metal Finishing is a general term which can include powder, liquid and E-Coat for the finish all depending upon your specifications. The powder coating process is detailed and starts with analyzing your product. The pretreatment process is the most critical and the first sequence for your parts. Then your part travels through a dry off oven or high velocity blow off section and onto the powder appilcation. Your preatreatment will have ensured proper adhesion, so applying powder or paint will be easy. Curing depends on part mass, amount of powder applied, and thickness, so cure time will vary. Once these specifications are defined we can then work within your budget to determine your system size. Cost being an important factor we work with our customers to ensure you recieve a cost effective paint system that meets and exceeds the industry standard. Being a veteran owned company and having over 30 years of experience in the powder coating industry we know what it takes fulfill your needs and ensure you have a great product that you can run for decades.

Powder Coating Equipment and industrial finishing systems are custom made and tailored to your parts by looking at the important details such as:

  • Line Speed
  • Product Weight
  • Product Geometry
  • Pretreatment Specifications
  • Coating complexity 
  • Cure Requirements
  • Building space available
  • Material Handling
  • Overall Project Cost

Our customers needs are of the utmost importance, and through Syntec Systems we will check every box with you and ensure no stone is un-turned in your powder coating process. 

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