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Syntec Systems has teamed up with a number of the top manufacturers to supply various types of Ovens and Heat Treating Systems. They are essential for industrial applications and look no further than Syntec Systems for your curing and heat processing needs. We have a large amount of components and powder coating ovens for sale at our facility.

Industrial Finishing- There are different ways to cure an industrial finish and that largely depends if you’re powder coating or liquid coating. The heat methods can be Gas, Electric and Infared (IR). Infared can be combined with a convection oven as a way to save space and be more energy efficient or it can be the sole cure method with a smooth, and less defined part. Infared works based off line of sight, and is an extremely efficient way to cure powder. Curing Liquid depends on the type of paint you’re using and always talk to the manufacturer before deciding on a cure chamber.

Syntec also specializes in other heat processing systems and components such as:

  • Burn Off Ovens
  • Heat Treating Ovens
  • Annealing
  • High Temp Ovens 
  • Air Makeup Units
  • Burners
  • Boiler Systems

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