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Oven With Paint System 5

Powder Coating Systems

Syntec Systems is home to one of the world’s largest inventories of used/refurbished powder coating systems, equipment, and components. We understand that our customers have needs and we are here to supply you with the right powder coating system tailored to your needs. After your order we are here 100% of the time for you with parts, service and information. We carry everything from Pretreatment wash systems to Powder Application equipment here at our facility.

Syntec is your one stop shop equipment and complete system supplier!

Cure Oven Powder Coating New Washer Washer

Please browse through our inventory and contact us if there’s anything you’re looking for that’s not listed:

5'W x 6'H Complete Powder Coating Line w/ 800' of 4" I Beam | 5 Stage Washer 6'W x 8'H | 12 FPM
- Powder Coating System located in Ohio. Work Opening is 5'W x 6'H.
- Line Speed: 12 FPM

Includes: 5 stage Stainless Steel washer with 6 x 8 opening

Dry off oven
- Approx time 5 minutes
- 5 x 7 opening
- Natural Gas heated

Cure oven
- 5 x 7 opening
- Natural Gas heated
- Approx time 20 minutes
ITW Gema Vortech cyclone booth
- 5 x 6 part opening
- Auto Gun Movers (up and down)
- 3- reclaim hoppers
Nordson Sure Coat modular gun control
- 10  gun modular
- 8  Auto guns, Versa II

4 I-beam conveyor , 800 feet
*system is designed for 12 per minute

Used Automatic Powder Coating System | 2'W x 4'H Opening | 4-6 FPM
- Used Powder Coating Line
- Complete Layout 25'W x 80'L

Opening size: 2'W x 3.5'H
Line Speed: 2-6.5 FPM
Conveyor Length: 565' 3" Enclosed Track 1 Drive
1 Takeup
Dry off length: 26'

Wagner Powder Booth with Guns and 3 Collectors. Can be modified to Automatic Guns with the stands.
Syntec Systems will add any stage washer or build immersion tanks depending upon requirements.

Please Call Craig at 262-206-0212 if you have any questions.

Used Powder Coating System 8 FPM (4 stage washer)
- Complete Used System
- Material: Stainless Steel, Line Speed: 5-8 FPM, Part Opening: 2'6"W x 4'6"H

4 Stage Washer:

Stage 1- Cleaner
Time Cycle: 90 seconds
Temperature: 140 degrees
Pump: Gusher Vertical Process S/S Trim
Pump Pressure: 15 PSI
Nozzles: Uni-Spray 50/50

Stage 2- Cold Rinse
Time Cycle: 30 Seconds
Temperature: Ambient
Pump: Vertical Process Cast Iron

Stage 3- ETT Low Phosphate
Time: 30 Seconds
Temperature: Ambient
Nozzles: Uni-Spray

Stage 4- Final Rinse
Time: 10 Seconds
Pump: Vertical Process
Temperature: Ambient
Nozzles: Uni-Spray 

Contact us if you have any questions: 608-630-3424