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Pretreatment Washer

pretreatment Washers by syntec systems

Pretreatment Washers are by far the most critical portion when it comes to Finishing. They come in all shapes and Sizes such as Parts Washers, Multi Stage Pass Through, Belt Washers, Dip Tanks, and Spray Wands. We Build New and can find anything Used. Material is typically Poly or Stainless Steel. Contact us for your Pretreatment Needs and see what we can quote you.

Used Pretreatment Washers:


Pretreatment washers are by far the most critical element in the finishing process. At Syntec Systems Corp., you can find all the shapes and sizes you need. Choose from among parts washers, multi-stage pass-throughs, belt washers, dip tanks, and spray wands.

We build new washers out of poly or stainless steel and can source anything used. Reach out today to get a quote and learn how we can meet all of your pretreatment needs.