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Pretreatment Equipment

Pretreatment Equipment for the Perfect Finish

Surface Treatment is the most important aspect to a proper finish, and Syntec Systems has been designing, integrating, installing and servicing pretreatment systems for 3 decades. We also offer Wastewater treatment systems with quick ROI savings and environmental advantages.


Syntec Systems understand the complexity that can go into washing your parts. Below are some of the different methods of parts washing we offer to our customers:

  • Parts Washers
    Are all around flexible and the loading structure can be front, top or cabinet style.

  • Spray Wands
    Easy for larger items and batch type systems.

  • Conveyorized Pass through Washers
    Built with any number of stages for Paint and Powder Coat Systems. This method is meant for production lines and is not dependent on an operator.

    We also offer RO Systems and Wastewater Treatment Systems.

Pretreatment Washer Outside of Pretreatment Washer


Syntec Systems proudly represents International Surface Technologies (IST) supplying, installing and servicing top of line blast systems. These Blast Systems can be built to any size for your product.

  • Abrasive Blast Rooms
  • Sandblasting Cabinets
  • Automated Blasting Systems
  • Wet Blast Systems
  • Vibratory Cleaning Tubs
  • Recovery Systems
  • Dust Collection Systems

Blast Booth Blasting