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Plural Component

Plural Component (2K, 3K or 4K System) is when you take more than one component and a chemical reaction occurs which causes the paint to harden.

Wagner is the leading manufacturer of 2K Systems (Plural Component), and is the most used liquid application equipment overseas for a reason. Their 2K Systems such as the Twin Control Unit, 2K Comfort and 2K Smart units are extremely user friendly and provide a faster ROI rather than use of a Pressure Pot or “Hotpotting”. These systems are ideal for multiple colors or even 1 consistent color. Days of mixing paint by hand are over and an overall waste of time and money.

  1. Cost savings. 2K Systems mix your application elements in real-time as you’re applying them, which means you’re only mixing what you need for the job. Anyone who has used a pressure pot or hotpot knows that there is often a great deal of waste at the end of a job. The only waste with a plural component or 2K System is what is left in the hose, which is often not much at all.
  2. Time savings. As mentioned above, cleaning the pressure pot takes time and effort, where a 2K System just needs to be flushed out and shut down. Time is money, so what you save in time could be used to apply finish and get onto your next part.
  3. Environmental friendliness. 2K Systems do not use much solvent, and with 100% solids, there isn’t any at all (except for flushing). This means that emissions are reduced significantly when you using a Wagner 2K System. In addition to curbing emissions, there’s not much waste at the end of a job since the system mixes on demand. Less waste is always a good thing especially in today’s world.

Plural component spraying is typically performed with epoxies, polyurethanes and polyurea. Syntec Systems has a team of specialists to help install, repair and maintain your plural component (2K) system. Our parts department stores common wear items so you can have it the next day or same day if needed.

At Syntec we know pumps better than anyone as we’ve been a Wagner Supplier for close to 30 years. Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime to learn more!

2K Smart System

2K Smart System
The WAGNER 2K Smart is the ideal solution for achieving the exacting requirements for high-precision mixture ratios and homogeneity, fast paint changes, complex 2K or 3K applications and complete automation!

The 2K Smart offers an almost unlimited number of options for use and for the integration of peripheral devices (e.g. robots, conveyors or automated lines). Precise measurement and control technology, as well as redundant monitoring systems guarantee highest process safety.

  • Simple, flexible and innovative!
  • Optimal mixing ratio via fully automatic AIS dispensing system
  • Stroke sensor for flow measurement without material contact

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2K Comfort Pumps

2K Comfort System
The WAGNER 2K COMFORT is a new electronically controlled mixing and dosing unit for multi-color applications. Compared to the WAGNER 2K Smart, it can process up to 25 colors and four components at the same time.

For a highly efficient coating process, the unit can also be integrated into a field bus system.

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2K Twin Control Units

2K Twin Control Units
Wagner’s Twin Control System comes in various sizes depending on your application. They include a flushing pump and fully automatic flushing process. Second color can be retrofitted with extension set. The patented Magnetic Stroke Meter ensures high reliability even with high viscosity materials and high delivery rates.

  • All the working parameters – mixing ratio, flushing procedures, pot life time – are intuitively adjustable using simple icon buttons on the control box.
  • User-friendly control panel: only three buttons (Start-Stop-Flushing) are needed on a daily basis!
  • Automatic flushing process: just press a button to clean the mixer, hose and gun. Easy and fast operation.
  • The powerful IceBreaker® piston pumps ensure high performance and reliability. Special anti-abrasion materials guarantee a long fluid section life.
  • Mixing block: specifically designed to minimize the volume and improve flush efficiency and mixture homogeneity

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2K Cobra Pump

2K Cobra Pump
1:1 Diaphragm mixing pump for polyester applications, AirCoat up to 250 bar and 2 L/min.”

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