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When it comes to purchasing used powder coating equipment you are in great hands at Syntec Systems. Let's start by walking you through the basics: Every metal finishing system you see today whether it be liquid or powder coating is custom tailored to your part(s) and the specifications we look at are product size, geometry, weight, quantities, pretreatment and cure requirements, building space available and design your system as if we were running parts through ourselves.

Powder Coating is initiated by hanging your part onto a monorail or conveyor system, then it will travel through a pretreatment system whether it be a 3, 5 or 8 stage pretreatment washer, then it will go through a drying process either via dry off oven or a high velocity centrifugal blow off vestibule. Afterward the part will travel to the powder booth which is the second most vital part of the coating process, the booth can be either automatic or manual to start, then either a cartridge or cyclone style collection system. Following powder application the product will go through a curing oven for typically 20 minutes or longer. After the part is coated, cured and cooled for the appropriate amount of time it will be ready to take off in the unload section and prepped for assembly or shipment.

Syntec Systems has a unique ability to warehouse, refurbish and provide a combination of new and used powder coating systems in order to stay within our customers budget and time frame. We carry everything including used pretreatment washers, powder coating ovens, and powder application equipment such as used powder guns (automatic and manual), reciprocators, cartridge collectors and more here at our facility.

GAT Powder Coating System  S-10 5 Stage GAT/Nordson Powder Coating System 5'W x 7'H

S-10 5 Stage GAT/Nordson Powder Coating
System 5'W x 7'H


S-11 3 Stage Amiberica/Wagner Powder Coating
System 77"W x 91"H


S-12 2 Stage IHEI/Wagner Powder Coating
System 2'-6"W x 3'-6"H

S-13 5 Stage Blu Surf/Wagner Powder Coating System 3'W x 5'H

S-13 5 Stage Blu Surf/Wagner Powder Coating
System 3'W x 5'H 

S-14 2'W x 5'H Powder Coating Line with 5 Stage Washer and Wagner Powder Booth

S-14 4 Stage Wagner Powder Coating System 2'W x 5'H