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Powder Booth

Powder & Paint Booths

Syntec Systems works with Wagner and many top manufacturers to provide ide top of the line liquid paint booths and powder coating booths.

Syntec is there for you every step of the way in designing your Booth and ensuring it is exactly the size you need. There are a couple factors to consider when purchasing a powder and/or paint booth. Air flow, ventilation, size, and lighting are crucial in your booth. Syntec Systems Corp. has been around for over 2 decades and will be a large part in the finishing industry for many more. Our extended history and knowledge in paint and powder coating has helped us grow over the years. Contact us anytime to learn more about how we can help you!

  • Downdraft Paint Booths
  • Cross Draft Paint Booths
  • Side Draft Paint Booths
  • Paint Kitchens
  • Wash Booths
  • Environmental/Clean Rooms
  • Powder Booths
  • Powder Reclaim Booths
  • Powder Reclaim Systems
  • Recovery and Controlling Equipment 

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